Sunday, April 19, 2009

MORE Cashflow - answers to ALL the questions -- almost! ( Cost Seg Advisor )

When considering a tax strategy such as cost segregation, owners:

Hotels, Self-Storage, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Health Spa's, Golf Courses, Parking Garages, Manufacturing, Apartments Complex, Duplex, Rental Condos, Bed & Breakfast, Distribution Centers, Music Studio, Movie Theatres, Assisted Livings, Auto Dealerships, Marina's, Warehouse, Retail Malls, Shopping Centers, Convenience Stores, Office Buildings, Hi-Rise Buildings, Mixed Use Commercial, or whatever.

Questions...Questions...and more QUESTIONS!!

Well here are answer to ALL of those questions -- almost!

Can you tell me about cost segregation at a high level?

I heard cost segregation would red flag me with IRS

I can't believe you can do a Golf Course - tell me more

What properties have the highest potential?

How long has cost segregation been around?

What kind of results can a Building Owner Expect?

Why can't my CPA do this?

I am a CPA so how would I make this work for my client?

Tell me how this will work - step by step!

What is so "special" about Cost Seg Advisor

What do I get if I pay you this money?

Top 5 Things Building Owners should know!

Lots of answers to LOTS of questions.

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