Sunday, October 25, 2009

[ ATTN: Washington ] - Revive the US Economy with Small Business Owners ( and Cost Segregation)

[ ATTN: Washington ] - Revive the US Economy with Small Business Owners ( and Cost Segregation)

Hello Washington DC,

If you want to know how to "kick-start" the Economy...just check out this BLOG.

The real answer for revitalizing the economy is to put MORE money into the hands of small business our clients. These are the people that create jobs, generate wealth, and reinvest the dollars into the growth of their community.

While you business owners meet with your Accountants and CPA's to plan your 2010 Tax Strategy so that you can KEEP more money for your business, rather than "lending" it to the government for Banks, Automakers, AIG, Afghanistan, or other things not directly related to YOUR business....Cost Segregation may be something important to know!

....and finding out what Tax Savings you can achieve is FREE!

is committed and focused on helping the small/medium business owner achieve their goals. From a more practical standpoint, we help REDUCE taxes and INCREASE cash flow which can contributes to the positive growth of their business, in their communities, which aids in the health of the economy.

Want to learn more?

Here are the basic Who, What, When, Where and How question we are all taught in school to derive full set of answers.

WHO: ALL Owners of Commercial Buildings
Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Self-Storage, Music Studio, Marina, Medical Facilities, Movie Theatres, Apartment Complex, Assisted Living, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Computer Center....You name it!!

Get a FREE (no risk / no obligation) assessment of your commercial building, that could be worth TENS or even HUNDREDS of Thousands of Dollars of increased Cash Flow and Reduced Taxes. How would you spend the money to grow your business?

Start savings NOW! (no need to re-file or amend your tax returns).

any and ALL commercial properties within the United States (US) -- yes including Alaska and Hawaii -- are eligible for the FREE analysis to determine the benefits that may await the owner.

Through accelerating depreciation of building cost via an IRS sanctioned process (on books since 1997) -- called Cost Segregation. The components of the building identified as either "real" and "personal" categorized into the property asset life, moving the personal items from 39-years, to 5-, 7-, and 15-years.

You can immediately realize the tax benefits, whether you just purchased on constructed a property; have owned it for tens years; have done a 1031 Exchanges; Renovated the building or performed Tenant Improvements as a leaseholder.

Why Not? its FREE to find out and there is no obligation!

HOTEL Owners.....Try Us for FREE!

RESTAURANT Owners....Try Us for FREE!
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

FREE iPhone 3GS - Provide Intro to Commercial Bldg Owners (Cost Seg Advisor)

FREE - iPhone 3GS

HOW: simply provide a "warm" introduction to a Commercial Building Owner (or leaseholder w/ tenant improvements) who could use the Tax Savings achieved through accelerated depreciation... COST SEGREGATION!

If they sign a deal to for a complete study to save money...the phone is YOURS!

$50 iTunes Gift Card so that you can purchase music or iPhone applications.

To Register for FREE Phone Visit:

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Phone............877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)

To Learn More About Cost Segregation:

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sending entry from phone, because we ate always on the go trying to deliver QUALITY service to commercial building owners. (

Saturday, October 10, 2009

GET PAID: Revenue Sharing and Other Compensation Available for "Client Introductions"

GET PAID: Revenue Sharing and Other Compensation Available for "Client Introductions"

Some professionals either cannot (i.e. CPA's in California) or will not -- ethically -- take a Referral Fee or participate in Revenue Sharing even though they believe in a product or solution for their client.

As an example: many CPA's recommend the service and product of Cost Segregation Advisor to help their clients improve cash flow (tax savings)....but cannot take any kind of referral fee.

For those that cannot participate in a compensation program -- we understand.

But how can we say THANK YOU and contribute to the continued growth of your company? You earned it.

Who we want to Pay - (potentially 5 to 10% of Total Sale)?
- Commercial Real Estate Brokers
- Commercial Mortgage Brokers
- Business Brokers
- Accountants
- Bankers
- Commercial Lenders
- Bank Real Estate Teams
- CPA's
- Hotel Brokers
- Self Storage Consultants
- Lawyers
- Medical Sales
- Bookkeepers
- Temp Agency
- Janitorial Service
- Commercial Lawn Service
- Commercial Developers
- Commercial Investors
- Your Brother-in-Law

What clients we seek: Apartment Complex (Multi-Family), Hotel, Motel, Bed & Breakfast, Restaurant, Movie Studio, Theatre, Restaurant, Self-Storage, Auto Dealership, Marina, Distribution Center, Manufacturing facility, Medical Facility, Golf Course/Resort, Shopping Center, Retail Storage, Commercial Mixed Use, Office Building, Hi-Rise, Casino, Parking Garage, Warehouse, or other??

Introduce individuals to US and then let us know how we get YOU money ( cash, check, direct deposit)

What is the "best" way to compensate YOU for a introduciton one of your clients, acquaintances, or colleagues -- that want or need TAX SAVINGS and put MORE money in their pocket!!

NOTE: you never put client at risk, because we provide a FREE analysis of their property and tell them -- IN ADVANCE -- the expected tax savings. All before even a penny is spent!

We have the cash to pay you.

...because Cost Segregation Advisor (CSA) offers a service that will help YOUR CLIENTS save potentially TENS or even HUNDREDS of Thousands of exaggeration!!

Results achieved through an IRS sanctioned process -- on books since 1997 -- which separates "real" and "personal" components of building and move the personal items from 39-years to 5-, 7-, or 15-years asset life. By moving (or accelerating) the personal components to the shorter lives, the client reduces their tax burden and increases cash flow....

Providing money to:
  • Expand their factory,
  • buy more inventory,
  • perform renovations,
  • pay for insurance, or
  • or even take a VACATION (they probably deserve it!)
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