Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 - not year of Mayans but YOUR year for $$$


YES....this images could be worth a Half Million or even more money in your pocket.

No Gimmicks. No Games. No MLM.

If you Own a Commercial Building or Lease and have done Tenant Improvements ( TI ) then you may qualify.

HOW ACQUIRED: Whether you recently acquired a property, have owned it for a while, have done renovations, tenant improvements (lease/rent), have modified it to be Green Friendly, or acquired it through a 1031 Exchange....You could qualify!!

PROPERTIES: Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Self Storage, Marina, Theaters, Manufacturing, Auto Dealerships, Assisted Living, Bed & Breakfast, Dentist Office, Chain Restaurants, Mom & Pop's, Shopping Centers, Retail Malls, Banks/Financial Institutions, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Computer Centers, Research & Development and much much more...

HOW: Through an IRS sanctioned and approved approach that allows commercial building owners to separate "real" and "personal" components of a building. Accelerating the personal items to a shorter asset life. The increased depreciation INCREASES cash flow by REDUCING tax liability.

MORE Money to invest into your business ( or whatever you desire...)

GET YOURS: Its not too late!

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2012 - the year to get YOURs!!


Tax Savings and potential REFUND for Business Owners

Carryback NOL and GO Forward Lower Taxes

Cost Segregation Advisor, LLC provides a service that each and every person that OWN a commercial building or LEASE a space and have done tenant improvements should "CONSIDER"

This is such Good News, that we had to tell you again how you could get a Refund and Reduce Taxes going forward on another BLOG post on .

There are Tax Savings that you may be allowing the government to hold that are "rightfully" yours.

And with recent legislation (Rev Proc 2009-52) in regards to how a Net Operating Loss (NOL) can be treated, you may have a tax REFUND for you in addition to lower taxes going forward.

  • This new ruling allows taxpayers to elect a 3, 4, or 5-year net operating loss (NOL) carryback instead of a normally 2-year carryback.
  • The election applies to an applicable NOL, which is an NOL for a taxable year ending after December 31, 2007, and beginning before January 1, 2011.
  • The revenue procedure tells taxpayers the time and manner for making the election if the taxpayer (1) has not claimed a deduction for an applicable NOL; (2) previously claimed a deduction for an applicable NOL; or (3) previously filed an election to forgo the NOL carryback.
If eligible, an owner request a refund by using either Form 1045 ( Application for Tentative Refund) or Form 1139 ( Corporation Application for Tentative Refund) or Form (normally refunds are issued with 45 days).

For more details see link to IRS document ( )

Question: What does this have to do with Cost Segregation?

Answer: Well cost segregation provides missing and accelerated depreciation. Accelerated depreciation simply LOWERS your taxable income. By Lowering your taxable income you KEEP more money and do not give it to the government!

You also benefit because cost segregation goes back to time of acquisition and identifies any depreciation you "should" have taken and make them available THIS YEAR! That lowered income in addition to the NOL carryback can mean more money in your pocket.

NOTE: always consult your Accountant, CPA or Financial Adviser for Tax Advice and strategy, but know that these weapons are available to you to come out on the winning side of things.

But make sure you have that adviser include us ( Cost Segregation Advisor ), as we will act as that weapon in the area of cost segregation...because we will know more on this topic than most.

Our added value includes a FREE analysis of your property and tell you UPFRONT the expected tax savings along with a ROI that should truly impress.

No Cost. No Obligation. No Games.

Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Assisted Living, Skating Rinks, Movie Theaters, Music Studios, Theme Parks, Marina, Shopping Centers, Retail Malls, Medical Facilities, Auto Dealerships, Self Storage, Assisted Living, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Industrial, andmuch much more

Current Own, New Construction, Recently Acquired,Leasehold Tenant Improvements (TI), Renovations, 1031 Exchange, Step-Up in Basis.

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