Friday, January 30, 2009

Tax Savings -- Easy as 1, 2, 3 (Building Depreciation 3115)

COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR, LLC offers a straight-forward method that leads to a No Pressure / No Hype / No Risk evaluation process. Making this a painless process, in which ALL commercial property owners should evaluate to determine the potential. Finding out what Tax Savings you can achieve should be a basic part of your tax strategy.

The following is a step-by-step summary of what it take to obtain the Tax Savings from cost segregation:

STEP1: FREE assessment of your property, based basic client information, where we deliver -- IN ADVANCE -- a written report that documents the Expected Benefits, an impressive Return-on-Investment (ROI), along with our fixed fee cost. By providing the information upfront, before even a penny is spent: making this a "Business Decision and not a Sales Pitch" SM [ ]

YES: If the numbers make sense for YOUR situation...move to STEP2
NO: If the numbers DO NOT make sense for YOUR least you make an INFORMED decision!

STEP2: Review client documentation (such as: invoices, AIA G702/G703 payments scheduled, depreciation schedule, construction budgets, architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural plans, closing statement), reconcile cost, site plans renovations, or other changes
[ ]

STEP3: We provide a non-intrusive Site Inspection by a professional engineer of the client facility where we capture photographs, validate measurements, hand drawn diagrams, and record audio of the engineers inspection.
[ ]

STEP4: We then go back into our office and "crunch" the number compared to our site inspection, documentation, and expertise utilizing approved cost estimation techniques -- including RS Means and Marshall & Swift -- to determine the value of building components for all classifications: 5-year, 7-year, 15-year, 27.5-year or 39-year.

STEP5: We provide a Preliminary Draft of the report to review with the owner and/or their CPA to ensure that the material prepared is consistent with how the business is managed and

STEP6: Deliver one of the finest and well documented studies in the industry -- a High Quality product at a "compelling" price. That study includes all the supporting material to back the decisions made as a part of the evaluation. Even including an transcribed notes from the audio during the engineers site visit of the property. That along with the hundreds of photos, handwritten notes, and audio. These details are key parts of why we will back our work -- at no cost -- in the unlikely event a client is called upon for an audit and there are questions about our work.
[ ]

WHY US: Our "Difference" is in the DETAILS!!SM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cost Segregation and the Time Value of Money - BUILDING DEPRECIATION


Many commercial real estate owners are familiar with section 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains tax. Cost Segregation can still be a viable way to generate more cash flow today even if a commercial property owner is planning a 1031 exchange in the future. The fact is a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Also, if the 1245 ("personal property") that gets accelerated through cost segregation is mostly replaced by the new building then there could be little to no depreciation recapture to consider or be concerned with.

Either way, having the money sooner rather than later still applies......WHY WAIT 39 YEARS? (

It all starts with a cost segregation feasibility proposal to find out what your tax benefits would be year 1 through year 5. From there it's an economic exercise. If the tax benefits created through cost segregation are significant then there is a good chance it will make sense for your commercial real estate enterprise.

MORE IMPORTANTLY....cost segregation is the bridge to a true "THREE-D" strategy

The THREE-D strategy allows owner to DEFER TAXES.... - Defer + Defer + Die


Toll Free: 877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)

Cost Segregation: The Five (5) Point Plan for Tax Savings in 2009


1. Provides significant REDUCTION in Federal Taxes

2. Provides increased Operating Cash Flow....which can be used to grow your business!

3. Hotel owners can expect to accelerate depreciation 20-40% of Total Building Cost
(Existing Owners, New Acquisitions, New Construction, or Improvements)

4. Rules are sanctioned by IRS and have been on books since 1997 (see IRS Audit Techniques Guide )

5. Expect a substantial Return-on-Investment (generally no less than 20:1)


NO RISK. NO COST. NO OBLIGATION…to find out your Expected Benefits, because a FREE assessment is performed on property -- before you spend a penny!

The Cost Seg Advisor (CSA) team of experts are considered an industry leader in the usage of IRS guidelines and rulings. More importantly, we perform the preferred Engineering-based (bottom-up / full coverage) approach to Cost Segregation.

That means that we start at the bottom and classify ALL property components into the appropriate depreciation classes – 5, 7, 15, and even the 39 year components.

This level of detail ensures that we Meet or Exceed the Thirteen Elements of a Quality Study as defined by the IRS, which makes our work more defensible.

Lesser approaches such as Residual-based methodology are top-down in nature and include lesser details, which may leave both money on the table and the client in a in a “less” defensible position with IRS.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cost Seg a tool for IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) Professionals

Professional property managers, CPM and members of IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) should be aware of and "recommending" COST SEGREGATION to their owners.

WHY: because in these tough economic times, cash is KING and cost segregation is all about keeping cash in the pockets of owners. And we are talking HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Money that can be used to maintain or sustain existing properties...or possibly money to acquire NEW properties. And of course a new property is an additional revenue stream.

SKEPTICAL? Dont be - Cost Segregation has been on the books since 1997 and is a IRS sanctioned and viable tax strategy that every commercial property owners should investigate.

WHY NOT be the one to suggest it to your clients...ALL OF THEM!!

See the Possibilities (Case Study):

BETTER YET....earn a Referral Fee / Bonus for introducting us to your property owners. We will gladly pay you 10% of a high value transaction for the introduction. If that client signs a deal, you get PAID!!

EVEN BETTER...there is absolutely no risk to your reputation or your client pocket, because we provide a FREE assessment of the property, where we outline -- IN ADVANCE -- the expected Tax Savings and present a ROI that should truly impress....all before even a penny is spent!!

By working this way, we make this a "Business Decision" and not a "Sales Pitch"



Visit us:

or Call Toll Free: 877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Commercial Real Estate Brokers - Higher Sales Price and BIGGER commissions with cost seg

Commerical Real Estate Brokers -- Hotels, Office Buildings, Self-Storage, Restaurants -- we can help you:
- Provide incentive to help CLOSE DEALS quicker
- Higher Commissions
- Referral Fee
- Happy Clients

SELLER: offer a cost segregation study as a part of the Sales Package. Depending on the value of the property, this could be a Financial Incentives worth HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for a cost that is a fraction of that amount. This extra "incentive" sweetens the pot in closing a deal and could be the thing to take it over the top!

BUYER: receive HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS of tax benefits at no cost with the purchase of the commercial property.

Cost Seg Advisor will provide the broker a Preliminary Assessment of the Listed property to include in the Sales Package...simply as a value-add!!


COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR, LLC works with commercial brokers across the country helping to close deals and provide increased income and higher commissions.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Referral Bonus / Referral Fee / Finders Fee - Cost Segregation

Offices across the country - Service Available Nationwide
Toll Free: 877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)

Know someone that owns a commercial building or has made major improvements to a facility they lease?

If so, then earn a referral fee (finders fee / referral bonus) on what could provide to be a LUCRATIVE and high value transaction.

Simply give us a "warm" introduction to the owner -- in person, via email, or phone call -- and if they complete a cost segregation deal -- YOU GET PAID!!

We would much prefer to find an army of people that can earn the finders fee rather than pay marketing in order to grow our business.

WHY? Because this is a business based on relationship and not cute slogans or catchy jingles. Our livelihood is in People-to-People helping PEOPLE!


THE FUTURE....includes tax savings (cost segregation from building depreciation)

THE FUTURE....includes tax savings (cost segregation from building depreciation)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Building Depreciation -- Do NOT overpay on Taxes anymore...

Seminar / CPE Credits for CPA on Cost Segregation Overview

To continue to meet the corporate objectives of Cost Segregation Advisor, which is to EDUCATE, INFORM, and SERVICE commercial property owners so they can receive the same tax benefits that large commercial property investors and corporations.

In order for this to occur, we believe that regular communcations with those managing the day-to-day, worry about tax strategies, or influencers are critical. With that, Cost Seg Advisor provide FREE / NO CHARGE seminars to organizations around the country.

The following is an outline/agenda of the discussion topic that is generally used with when giving this seminar. This information in addition to signed proof of attendance would hopefully qualify for CPE credits.

CPE Credits: 2 hour (1hr 40 min)

- CLOSING (5 min)
- OPEN Q&A (10 min)

Courses on "COST SEGREGATION" qualify for Technical Business CPE credit for Florida CPAs. Written proof of attendance will be supplied.

State Associations quiered this year include:

Virginia Society of CPAs
California Society of CPAs
BOMA Regional Leaders
New York State Society of CPAs
Connecticut Lodging Association
Hispanic Hotel Owners Association
New Jersey Association of Public Accountants
Tennesee Society of CPAs
California Lodging Industry Association
Colorado Society of CPAs
American Society of Women Accountants
Texas Society of CPAs
Michigan Association of CPA's
Georgia Association of Public Accountants
Florida Society of Accountants
New York Hospitality & Tourism Association
Society of Louisiana CPA's
Utah Association of CPA's

More will come, but the mission is to spread the word on Cost Segregation and the Tax Savings that can be achieved.

MORE IMPORTANTLY the differnce that Cost Seg Advisor offers and why it is differnt -- BETTER -- than the product that others provide.

The "Difference" is in the DETAILS

Top5 Things Know about Cost Segregation (hotels, auto dealerships, shopping center, strip mall, mini storage)


1. Provides significant REDUCTION in Federal Taxes

2. Provides increased Operating Cash Flow....which can be used to grow your business!

3. Hotel owners can expect to accelerate depreciation 20-40% of Total Building Cost (Existing Owners, New Acquisitions, New Construction, 1031 Exchnge, Step-Up, or Improvements)

4. Rules are sanctioned by IRS and have been on books since 1997 (see
IRS Audit Techniques Guide )

5. Expect a substantial Return-on-Investment (generally no less than 20:1)


NO RISK. NO COST. NO OBLIGATION…to find out your Expected Benefits, because a
FREE assessment is performed on property -- before you spend a penny!

We work "with" your CPA (if you desire) so there is no conflict or competition, just your best interest in providing YOU the maximum possible benefits.

Tax Savings in 2009 - Hotels, Motels, Office and Self Storage

Commercial real estate asset acceleration involves many building components that many wouldn't think of. You can view a short list of assets that can be used to accelerate depreciation and lower your federal taxes. See it here <click here>

The other challenge when identifying building components for depreciation acceleration is a assigning costs. That's why cost segregation studies require professionals with building, engineering and tax expertise. The key to a valuable cost segregation study is details. The details enable the commercial property owner to maximize benefits (tax reductions) while balancing cost and risk. Though tens of thousands of studies have never been contested by the IRS their are some firms that take short cuts when performing studies. While the cost of the study can be reduced when taking short cuts, the risk is increased that the IRS guidelines will not be met. Not to mention leaving tax benefits on the table or in the walls so to speak.

The difference between a thorough engineering based cost segregation study and a less thorough residual cost segregation study is illustrated in the video <click here>.

From an IRS point of view there is only one method and that is an engineering based cost segregation study that provides details, Details and more DETAILS.