Monday, March 30, 2009

How long has Cost Segregation been around with Building Depreciation [ how about since 1962 - 1997 - Present Day ]

When talking with Commercial Building Owners (and Leaseholders with Tenant Improvements) many often ask: Is this cost segregation thing NEW? Why have I not heard of it?

I tell them that Cost Seg is as old and James Reid -- and you had never heard of him before this blog entry either had you -- but he too brings SOLUTIONS to help business owners?

> Okay, so that really isnt funny.

Back to the History...

1962: Cost segregation (or component based analysis) has been around since 1962! That right...47 years ago it was first introduced as a part of the ITC (Investment Tax Credit).

1986: Overturned and at that point only the "deep pocket" companies would ever wade into the cost segregation waters, simply because of the threat of Tax Court from IRS.

1997: a Brand New Day... (HCA ruling opens cost seg ) includes "ALL" commercial property owners. BIG and small....corporate and private. Organized and not so organized.

This "NEW DAY" of cost segregation provides tax savings that could really mean HUNDREDS of Thousands of dollars that can be used to:
  • Grow Their Busines
  • Buy inventory
  • Increase Staff
  • Buy more properties
  • go on Vacation!

Whatever the owner wants...ITS THEIR MONEY!


HOW IT WORK: Building Owners can get a FREE / No Cost analysis of their property, which will tell them clearly the Tax savings they can expect...along with a ROI that should impress

By getting the numbers UPFRONT, it makes this a "Business Decision" and not a "Sales Pitch"


Monday, March 23, 2009

Helping Others: Contacts Mean CASH to Charities ( a Cost Seg Advisor way) - Building Depreciation provide the means!

I recently had a friend start a volunteer organization called "Helpful Hoopla" ( which is intended to be a place where those interested in volunteering and enriching their life can gather and find compatible volunteer opportunities and people with like interest.

Well...we at Cost Seg Advisor (CSA) also wants to help "fund" organizations like this, so ANYONE who can recommend or introduce us to a Commercial Building Owner and if they acquire a full cost segregation study -- which helps them REDUCE their taxes -- we will make a donation to "Helpful Hoopla" or your favorite charity.

Simple as that!

So go through that Rolodex (old school) or Friends List or Follower or whatever your contacts are called and find those who own -- or those whose parents own -- commercial property and lets see if we can generate business and HELP others as well.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Death & Taxes -- doesnt mean the least not in BUSINESS or with Cost Segregation)!

DEATH & TAXES -- how Cost Segregation Advisor helps!

Having dealt with a personal tragedy recently, my own mortality has been foremost in my mind. With that, you then think about the impact of a "death" -- either to a person or a partnership -- and how it impacts those left behind.

There are two major tax strategies that we have seen during our travels in delivering Cost Segregation to commercial property / building owners.

Those two strategies include:

1) 3D Strategy ( Defer-Defer-Die ): where the owners utilizes legal strategies (i.e. 1031 Exchange, Cost Segregation) to continuously defer captial gains...over and over and over again. In the end (literally) the owner leaves the building to heirs where the deferred capital gains are not paid.

2) Step-Up Basis: is a means where the cost basis of a property gets reset to reflect the current market value at the time the new owner(s) takes control. Whether that is from an individual or a corporate entity there DEATH does NOT have to mean more TAXES.

With the new cost basis, such Commercial buildings become eligible again for Cost Segregation so they can begin the 3D strategy again...


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Step-up in basis. When you inherit assets, such as securities or property (i.e. COMMERCIAL BUILDING), they are stepped-up in basis.
That means the assets are valued at the amount they are worth when your benefactor dies, or as of the date on which his or her estate is valued, and not on the date the assets were purchased. That new valuation becomes your cost basis.
For example, if your father bought 200 shares of stock for $40 a share in 1965, and you inherited them in 2000 when they were selling for $95 a share, they would have been valued at $95 a share.

If you had sold them for $95 a share, your cost basis would have been $95, not the $40 your father paid for them originally. You would not have had a capital gain and would have owed no tax on the amount you received in the sale.

In contrast, if your father had given you the same stocks as a gift where there is no step-up, your basis would have been $40 a share. So if you sold at $95 a share, you would have had a taxable capital gain of $55 a share (minus commissions).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

April 15th - A day to FEAR (I think NOT!!) - Cost Seg Advisor helps get over tax blues

For many tax payers - especially business owners - April 15th is a day to fear the TAX MAN!

Well, fret not as there is a solution with over 12 years of history ready and available to Commercial Property owners that can make this a DAY OF CELEBRATION.

What am I talking about.....COST SEGREGATION!!!

What is cost segregation? It is an IRS approved and sanctioned process (on books since 1997) that gives each and every commercial building owner or leaseholder making tenant improvements the "RIGHT" and I means opportunity to see if cost segregation can help defer their payment of taxes by accelerating the depreciation on their buildings.

How much? we are talking HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for many people. Money that you can keep in order to feed your business, buy inventory, expand your offerings, expand your facility. Money that is hard to come by -- but again -- rightfully yours to take.

How much does it cost? it cost you absolutely NOTHING (zero, nada, zippo) to find out the tax savings you can realize. That is because COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR will provide a free, no cost, no obligation and no strings assessment of your property and tell you UPFRONT the tax savings you can expect. You can generally expect a Return-on-Investment (ROI) in the 20:1 range. So for every dollar you pay Cost Seg Advisor -- you KEEP 20!!

If the numbers fit your fancy: HIRE US!
If the number do NOT fit your fancy: NO PROBLEM / NO PRESSUE (at least you found out!)

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