Monday, March 30, 2009

How long has Cost Segregation been around with Building Depreciation [ how about since 1962 - 1997 - Present Day ]

When talking with Commercial Building Owners (and Leaseholders with Tenant Improvements) many often ask: Is this cost segregation thing NEW? Why have I not heard of it?

I tell them that Cost Seg is as old and James Reid -- and you had never heard of him before this blog entry either had you -- but he too brings SOLUTIONS to help business owners?

> Okay, so that really isnt funny.

Back to the History...

1962: Cost segregation (or component based analysis) has been around since 1962! That right...47 years ago it was first introduced as a part of the ITC (Investment Tax Credit).

1986: Overturned and at that point only the "deep pocket" companies would ever wade into the cost segregation waters, simply because of the threat of Tax Court from IRS.

1997: a Brand New Day... (HCA ruling opens cost seg ) includes "ALL" commercial property owners. BIG and small....corporate and private. Organized and not so organized.

This "NEW DAY" of cost segregation provides tax savings that could really mean HUNDREDS of Thousands of dollars that can be used to:
  • Grow Their Busines
  • Buy inventory
  • Increase Staff
  • Buy more properties
  • go on Vacation!

Whatever the owner wants...ITS THEIR MONEY!


HOW IT WORK: Building Owners can get a FREE / No Cost analysis of their property, which will tell them clearly the Tax savings they can expect...along with a ROI that should impress

By getting the numbers UPFRONT, it makes this a "Business Decision" and not a "Sales Pitch"


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