Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cost Segregation is Better than Lotto or Powerball (How are you using YOUR extra Cash?)

HOW (can Cost Seg be better than Lotto?):
Hypothetically, if someone came up to you with a wheel barrow full of CA$H and told you that it was FOR YOU! The money would be distributed over a 3-5 year period, but is most cases Year1 comes with a Big Bang of cash ( some call it Catchup Provision).

No strings.
No games.
No gimmicks.
No shelters.
No BS.
No kidding.

Better yet, as a Owner of a Commercial Building, you are in an "Exclusive Club" of people who could get the wheel barrow and the odds are a lot better than Lotto or PowerBall. As a matter of fact, you don't have to spend a $1 at a convenience store (like lotto) to find out if you are a Winner!

That is because you can get a FREE analysis of your commercial property (or leasehold tenant improvements) and find out exactly how Big and how Much is in your "wheel barrow."


- Redecorate your facility?
- Staff Bonuses?
- Hire More Staff?
- Product Line expansion?
- Increase Marketing
- Pay Your Bills?
- Open a New Office / Facility?
- Throw a Holiday Party?
- Order more supplies?
- Family Vacation?
- New Car?
- Used Boat?
- Rented Plane?
- FREE Shirts for Everyone?
- New Building?
- Renovations / Improvements?
- Expand Your Facility

Or would you be satisfied simply by NOT giving your money to the Government?


HOW (is this Accomplished):
Through an IRS sanctioned process (on books since 1997) that separates the "essential" and "non-essential" components of a commercial building, and moves the "non-essential" or "personal" components from Straight-line depreciation and 39years to shorter asset lives of 5-, 7-, and 15-years. The increased depreciation REDUCES your taxable income thus allowing you to KEEP more money and NOT give it to the government.

HOW (can I Learn more):

Do your own research. Go to Google, Bing (do you like this?), or whatever and find out what provider give you the most comprehensive set of information about themselves and cost segregation as a whole.

The following are a few things to get you started:
  • Read the blogs at:
  • Review video at:
  • See Possibilities:
  • Learn History:
  • What Properties:
  • What is Accelerated:
  • The Process:
  • Call the Pro's:
In the end, you will visit a number of sites, but will end up at the hands down, "most comprehensive" cost segregation website on the web:

HOW (Get Started?):
Getting started is simple and getting answers are QUICK!

YOU provide the following
  • Existing Owned Building - Depreciation Schedule & Address
  • Recently Acquired Building - Closing Statement & Address
  • New Construction - Construction Budget (or final contractor payout)
Gather the above information and Email (FREE@costsegadvisor.) or Fax (866.283.5201) the information and in 3-4 days...

WE provide you answers to HOW MUCH you can expect in your wheel barrow. In all seriousness, we will provide a professionally prepared assessment of your property that will detail -- before you spend a penny -- the Tax Savings you can expect, along with a Return-on-Investment (ROI) that should truly impress.

877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[Cost Seg Advisor ] - Delivers Quality and DETAILS ( while others focus only on cost)

Some "other" cost segregation providers focus and advertise LOW COST. Their concern is offering you the Commercial Building Owner a "cheap" product. They are concerned about your pocket but only how much you take out to pay, NOT how much you get to keep.

At COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR (CSA), we are absolutely focused on delivering a solution that helps you keep MORE money in your pocket, by providing a Quality and Detailed product...because the details are where the extra benefits are realized.

At CSA we focus on three major areas:
  • Maximizing your BENEFITS
  • Minimizing your RISK
  • Controlling COST
We offer a High Quality and DETAILED product (real engineering by real engineers of course) at a Compelling price.

DETAILS - help mitigate RISK by being able to document and defend decisions made to anyone

DETAILS - help maximize BENEFITS by doing more than "cherry picking" results like others

DETAILS - are the ONLY way that we do this because it meets or exceeds the 13 Elements of Quality Study as defined by IRS

DETAILS - help create consistency in how all elements/components are reviewed and treated as nothing is missing

DETAILS - are used to keep accurate records of the "Site, Sound, and State (or condition)" of a property when we physically inspected it.


PROPERTIES: Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Office Buildings, Marinas, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Multi Story / High Rise, Auto Dealerships, Medical Facilities, Self Storage, Golf Course / Resorts, Spa's, Banks, Health Centers, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Parking Garages, Theatres, Studios, Distribution Centers, Retail Stores, Stadiums/Arena, Computer Center, other

TYPE: New Construction, Existing Owners, Recent Acquisitions, Renovations, Tenant Improvements (leaseholders), Greed/LEED, 1031 Exchange and Step Up Basis

Call to learn more

877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)

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