Sunday, August 29, 2010

FOOTBALL - Fun, Food, Friends, and a need of FUNDS

Cost Segregation can Help!

Football season is the time of year where the weather is nice, friends are plenty, and each week brings HOPE for better things for your team. Whether you enjoy Saturday's watching your favorite (or hated) College Football Team or Sundays with the NFL.

On Saturdays, its about school spirit, alumni, community, and remembering when. But it requires a commitment to be a part of this fun! Have you seen some of the vehicles alumni travel in? Some of those RV's are like tour buses for Rock Stars. And the food spreads they put out during tailgating...Five Star!

If Sundays is your day, then it is all about community, pride, and your Fantasy league. BUT if you prefer not to sit in front of the television to watch your favorite NFL Team compete then tickets are mandatory for either day.

Tickets...the cost for Season Tickets for either College or Professional teams are not for the faint of heart? First, they make you join some kind of CLUB that cost thousands -- just to have the "right" to purchase a ticket. And multiply that by a lot if we are talking Box Seats or Suites as the ticket cost go even higher. Its like you need to be a "Two Comma Kid" to afford tickets for your Saturday or Sunday past time.

>> Two Comma Kid
* - you know, a million dollars! ($1,000,000) two commas!

Can help you get a little closer to that two comma status, so that you can purchase Season Tickets or just a subscription to one of the Season Passes offered by the Satellite company. We provide Tax Savings that can potentially be worth TENS or even HUNDREDS of Thousands of exaggeration!

We can help, if you:
  • Own a Commercial Building (Purchased or New Construction)
  • Lease a building and paid for Tenant Improvements
  • Have done significant Renovations or Additions to a building you own
  • Acquired a property via 1031 Exchange
  • Purchased or Renovated a building to meet Green/LEED standards
  • Took over property via a Step-Up in Basis
  • Own anywhere in the USA ( we provide service Nationally )
We can also help, if you:
  • Have clients that could utilize "increased" Tax Savings
  • Know someone that owns a building and can make an introduction (referral fee)
It is absolutely FREE to find out what Tax Savings you can expect. That is because Cost Seg Advisor will provide a no cost analysis of your property(s), that will detail -- in advance -- that Tax Savings you can expect, along with a ROI that should truly impress...
.all before even a penny is spent!



877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 x1)

( Because you don't have to WAIT to get your money )

* - reference from Movie "Finding Forrester" with Sean Connery and Rob Brown

Saturday, January 2, 2010

[Special for 2010] - See what HALF MILLION $$'s Looks Like ( Cost Seg Advisor )


YES....this images could be worth a Half Million or even more money in your pocket.

No Gimmicks. No Games. No MLM.


If you Own a Commercial Building or Lease and have done Tenant Improvements ( TI ) then you may qualify.

HOW ACQUIRED: Whether you recently acquired a property, have owned it for a while, have done renovations, tenant improvements (lease/rent), have modified it to be Green Friendly, or acquired it through a 1031 Exchange....You could qualify!!

PROPERTIES: Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Self Storage, Marina, Theaters, Manufacturing, Auto Dealerships, Assisted Living, Bed & Breakfast, Dentist Office, Chain Restaurants, Mom & Pop's, Shopping Centers, Retail Malls, Banks/Financial Institutions, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Computer Centers, Research & Development and much much more...

HOW: Through an IRS sanctioned and approved approach that allows commercial building owners to separate "real" and "personal" components of a building. Accelerating the personal items to a shorter asset life. The increased depreciation INCREASES cash flow by REDUCING tax liability.

MORE Money to invest into your business ( or whatever you desire...)

GET YOURS: Its not too late!

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