Saturday, January 2, 2010

[Special for 2010] - See what HALF MILLION $$'s Looks Like ( Cost Seg Advisor )


YES....this images could be worth a Half Million or even more money in your pocket.

No Gimmicks. No Games. No MLM.


If you Own a Commercial Building or Lease and have done Tenant Improvements ( TI ) then you may qualify.

HOW ACQUIRED: Whether you recently acquired a property, have owned it for a while, have done renovations, tenant improvements (lease/rent), have modified it to be Green Friendly, or acquired it through a 1031 Exchange....You could qualify!!

PROPERTIES: Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Self Storage, Marina, Theaters, Manufacturing, Auto Dealerships, Assisted Living, Bed & Breakfast, Dentist Office, Chain Restaurants, Mom & Pop's, Shopping Centers, Retail Malls, Banks/Financial Institutions, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Computer Centers, Research & Development and much much more...

HOW: Through an IRS sanctioned and approved approach that allows commercial building owners to separate "real" and "personal" components of a building. Accelerating the personal items to a shorter asset life. The increased depreciation INCREASES cash flow by REDUCING tax liability.

MORE Money to invest into your business ( or whatever you desire...)

GET YOURS: Its not too late!

Call to Learn More

Toll Free: 877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 x1)

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