Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cost Segregation: The Five (5) Point Plan for Tax Savings in 2009


1. Provides significant REDUCTION in Federal Taxes

2. Provides increased Operating Cash Flow....which can be used to grow your business!

3. Hotel owners can expect to accelerate depreciation 20-40% of Total Building Cost
(Existing Owners, New Acquisitions, New Construction, or Improvements)

4. Rules are sanctioned by IRS and have been on books since 1997 (see IRS Audit Techniques Guide )

5. Expect a substantial Return-on-Investment (generally no less than 20:1)

SEE THE POSSIBILITIES (CASE STUDY): http://casestudy.costsegadvisor.com/

NO RISK. NO COST. NO OBLIGATION…to find out your Expected Benefits, because a FREE assessment is performed on property -- before you spend a penny!

The Cost Seg Advisor (CSA) team of experts are considered an industry leader in the usage of IRS guidelines and rulings. More importantly, we perform the preferred Engineering-based (bottom-up / full coverage) approach to Cost Segregation.

That means that we start at the bottom and classify ALL property components into the appropriate depreciation classes – 5, 7, 15, and even the 39 year components.

This level of detail ensures that we Meet or Exceed the Thirteen Elements of a Quality Study as defined by the IRS, which makes our work more defensible.

Lesser approaches such as Residual-based methodology are top-down in nature and include lesser details, which may leave both money on the table and the client in a in a “less” defensible position with IRS.

OUR DELIVERABLES: http://deliverables.costsegadvisor.com/

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