Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bottom Line Dollars for Building Owners --- Delivered with Cost Segregation straight to YOUR pocket!!

These are themes with many companies, which is all about increasing TOP LINE dollars. Pushing more product. Getting more deals. Increase volume. Find more sales people.

  • sell...Sell...SELL!
  • more...More...MORE!
As we all know increasing Revenue / Sales is a great thing but that is the LONG PATH to solving a businesses needs. Each $1 of increased revenue only put a small fraction / percentage into the pockets of the owner to solve their needs.

WHY: Because sales cost money! You have to pay the sales people, marketing material, lead program, facilities, and maybe is "SWAG -- pens, pads, hats" that you give the people to entice them to complete a sale.

If you had a choice between a $100k in additional sales or $100k in reduced expenses, which would you select:
A. Of course I want the higher sales
B. I could settle for $100k in reduced expenses
C. I dont own a business so it doesnt matter
D. Neither...I am too rich to care

Do I really need to tell you that "B" is the right answer --- if you cannot have BOTH

Cost Segregation -- from Cost Seg Advisor -- is a "BOTTOM LINE" solution for commercial building owners and leasholders with tenant improvements. That is because it puts real dollars in the pocket of owners.

Which owners: Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast, Office Buildings, Golf Courses, Parking Garages, Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Cafe's, Diners, Convention Centers, Theme Parks, Movie Theatres, Music and Movie Studios, Hi-Rise Facilities, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Computer Centers, Marinas, Retail Malls, Shopping Centers, Health Spas and Fitness Center...and much much more!

How acquired: New Construction, Recently Acquired, Currently Own, Renovations, Tenant Improvements, 1031 Exchange, Green / LEED projects, or even Step-Up Basis acquistions are ALL eligible.

OUR OFFER: Cost Seg Advisor (CSA) will provide any building owner a FREE ( No cost - No strings - No Obligation ) assessment of their commercial property and tell them -- IN ADVANCE -- the TAX SAVINGS they can expect, along with a ROI that should impress.

So before spending a penny...find out if CSA can add to YOUR "Bottom Line"

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