Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TAX SAVINGS: Why choose Cost Seg Advisor?

Dear Commercial Property Owner / Leaseholder,
Cost Segregation Advisor delivers accelerated depreciation for commercial property owners!

Why is that important?
Accelerating Depreciation on your commercial property(s) could mean TENS or HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in increased CASH FLOW. All of which could allow the acquisition of even more assets....or reduce the actual cost per square foot for improvements of properties.
The results could be a HUGE influx of cash to aid in your continued business growth!!
You should consider COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR, LLC for the following reasons:
We offer a substantial Return-on-Investment (generally no less than 15-20:1 range)
Strong team of business experts and professional engineers providing the IRS preferred Engineering-based approach
Dramatic increase in % of Depreciation to accelerate (by property type click here)
We offer a "Premium" product that focuses on DETAILS which support our decisions (click here)
We are committed to FOCUS and DELIVER results
We will NOT take your business for granted. We will treat each deal as if it were the FIRST!!
NO RISK. NO OBLIGATION. (FREE assessment of property - so full disclosure before you spend a penny )

The "Difference" is in the DETAILS!! SM

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