Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day: Dont Give Him Socks...get him a Cost Segregation (Tax Savings)


No matter what your Father (Grandfather, Step-Father, or Godfather) does for a living...Cost Segregation Advisor (CSA) can provide a means for you all to experience a "Better way of LIFE"

How can cost segregation do these things? CSA helps you change your POV - point of view!! (we are not an Engineering Firm, we are a consulting firm that delivers "SOLUTIONS" through an engineering process -- to and for our clients and those we work with.

WHAT SOLUTIONS: Vacations, Boat, Transportation, Shipping, Trucks, Supplies, Raw Materials, Inventory, Investing, Avoiding Layoffs, Expanding Product Line, Expansion, New Location, Marketing, or simply KEEPING what is "rightfully" yours and not giving it to the government....

YES....through Cost segregation from CSA all of this is possible!

...results potentially worth TENS or HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!
(dare I even say MILLIONS....for some this is true)


Increase Cash Flow
[ as Building Owner or Leaseholder ]

Find an enjoyable and rewarding career

[ as Independent Sales Associate ]

Utilize your contacts as a revenue source

[ through Referral Program ]

  • OWN a building - you may be eligible to receive Tax Savings that are "rightfully" yours. Find out for FREE (

  • LEASE a building - and have performed tenant improvements, we can put cash in your pocket to expand or grow your business (

  • KNOW someone who owns a building - introduce them to us and if they sign a deal for a cost segregation study...get a Referral Bonus ($$$.JPG)

  • ENTREPRENEUR - and would like to be a part of a great opportunity to consult and work with some of the most impressive business owners across the county...ask us about becoming an Independent Sales Associate. (

  • ??? Now Doesn't this sound better than SOCKS ???

    877.SAY.WOWW (877.729.9699 ext 1)


    PROPERTIES: Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Golf Course, Resorts, Movie Theatres, Marinas, Multi-Use Facility, Manufacturing, Distribution Centers, Assisted Living, Theme Park, Retail Stores, Strip Malls, Shopping Centers, Computer Centers, Cigar Bars, Saloons, and many many more

    HOW: New Construction, Recent Acquisitions, Currently Own, Renovations, Tenant Improvements, 1031 Exchange (click here), Step-Up Basis, and Green/LEED projects

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    1. Hope all had a great Father's Day!! My daughter made a paperweight for the office. She wants me to make a lot of money.
      She wants to know how I make money using a telephone. Since she is only 9 I gave her the simplistic answer. I told that I tell how they can make more money.