Friday, February 13, 2009

TRUTH and MYTHS about Cost Segregation and Commercial Building Depreciation (Ask CPA or Accountant to call)

MYTH: Cost segregation studies cost too much and provide too little benefits.

FACT: at COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR, LLC we deliver a High Quality, Detailed, and Thorough product at a “Compelling” price.

Best of all…we provide a FREE analysis of property(s) -- before -- you spend a penny. That analysis details the benefits you can Expect, our Flat fee, and a ROI that should impress



MYTH: Cost Segregation will “red flag” me with IRS

FACT: Absolutely Not. Cost Segregation is a defined and IRS sanctioned process that has been on the books since 1997.

4 See IRS Audit Techniques Guide at

PLUS…we back our work because of our commitment to details and the engineering approach that captures the Sight-Sound-State of the property during our visit, so it makes our work more defensible.


MYTH: My CPA handles this for me.

FACT: Most CPA or Accounting firms do not have the Engineering or Construction experience to perform detailed cost segregation studies, so they rely on companies like us to bring that expertise.

NOTE: we are not accountants, but we work with your CPA/Accountant to ensure that you get the maximum possible tax BENEFITS, while minimizing RISK and controlling COST.




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